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Uri Hoffman

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Uri Hoffman

Uri has a unique sense for people and is gifted at putting himself in others’ shoes. Excellent communication skills combined with an ability to understand their needs, thoughts and feelings equips Uri to help his real estate clients achieve the best possible results. Perspective, honesty and insight best describe what Uri brings to the table for his clients. He is precise and accurate in his communication, and places truth – even if sometimes hard – at the top of his priority list.

Inspired by those who don’t let fear control them, Uri strives to persevere even in challenging situations. He believes that the best leaders rise above fear, communicate well and stay focused on the goal.

When not seeing to it that every client has a great real estate experience, you will more than likely find Uri studying books about history, especially stories that give him more insight into leadership and human behavior. He’s so addicted to understanding what makes people tick that others often come to him with behavior questions or for advice about relationships.

Uri values the perspective that he has gained in life and believes it has come from his ability to see the forest rather than the trees. It also enables him to keep his eye on what’s truly important.

A world traveler at a young age (including Israel for his sisters’ Bat Mitzvah and a two-week tour of England in the eighth grade), Uri still loves to explore the world with several of the United States and the Caribbean being favorite vacation destinations.

Music is one of Uri’s passions. He has a Bachelors Degree in Music and Jazz Theory from Fort Collins Music Academy and spent four years in Los Angeles as a recording artist. While he loves all genres, he finds himself most at home in 60’s blues and rock.

Words Uri lives by: “Respect, Communication, Flexibility, Positivity. If we have those four things, we can get ANY deal done.”

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Cellphone 720.220.6320